About this blog and its author

I started this blog to help document my journey to healing from the loss of my husband, Bob. He died November 7, 2018 after losing his battle with combat related PTSD and depression. He died by suicide in our home that we shared.

I am using writing, travel, photography, nature, hiking and new experiences to help me in my journey. I am no longer the person I was before I lost my best friend and love. I am on a journey of discovery to find who I am and what my new life will look like now that he is gone. This was not a path I wanted to take but I am going to try to make the best of it.

Bob wanted me to live my best life…an extraordinary life. One filled with adventure and laughter and love. He encouraged me to do things that I didn’t think I could do. He was my biggest cheerleader. My plan is to honor his wish and work on checking off as many bucket list items as I can. I am going to try to truly live…for the both of us.

I will be documenting my thoughts, successes, failures, struggles, travels, photos and stories as I go. I believe that vulnerability is the way to happiness. I also that believe that by sharing my story, I may help someone else heal from their pain. Thanks for joining me on my next adventure. Feel free to check out the menu and meander with me…