To My Widow Sisters

To every military widow….

I see you. I know how hard this life that you have been handed is. I know we so often feel forgotten once the funeral is over. I know people think we should “move on” or “get over it”. As if that is even possible. Regardless of how your husband died, you served this country too. You paid the worst price for this country. You should all be loved and cared for and your sacrifice should not be forgotten.

I see you when you hear Taps and it takes you back to his funeral, no matter how many years it has been. I see you when you hear the national anthem and your heart swells with pride and breaks at the same time. I see you when you have to face Memorial Day and Veterans Day without your service member. I see you when everyday life becomes overwhelming and all you want is for him to hold you and tell you it will be okay. I see you cry yourself to sleep and then face the world like you slept like a baby.

I am with you. You are in my heart. We are too often forgotten by the masses once the funeral is over. They like to say how much they support our troops and how patriotic they are but they forget about the war widows and their children. I feel your struggle.

Your sacrifice matters. You matter. Your children matter. Your husband matters. I will hold you in my heart. My love to all of you. This is not an easy life we were given. But we are the widows of heroes. We will survive.

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